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10.      The unsolicited alms


Líang Hào, ten days before presenting himself for the literary examinations,
 dreamt that a man was giving him alms: a slice of dog meat.
The next day, as he was sad and unhappy, his dream was explained in this

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"Gou: dog, can also be written with the character quan
and piàn: slice, can be written mirror-inverted. 
Their combination gives the character zhuàng:

first in the literary examinations
(in the expression zhuàng yuán ); 
will certainly come out first".
He did, in reality.
 If one is prepared to succeed, one will dream of failure:
Líang Hào feels himself treated as a beggar,
 but the latent content is not
deceptive and the reward, 
the slice of dog meat, is (in China) a very good
piece: the first prize.



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