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2.   To plant a beard

Lü Méng-zhèng emerged from a very rich and powerful family.
They used
their vassals to launch campaigns against their neighbours, 
used up their
resources and became very poor.
Lü Méng-zhèng was living in a cottage in ruins.
 One day, while he was on his way to the temple to implore the
 he found a golden bar weighing one hundred ounces.
He gave it
back to the one who had lost it without keeping back anything.
The same
evening, he dreamt that a spirit planted three tufts of hair on his chin.

Léo Dubal /3.2.2003/ Photo: M. Larrey

in Chinese:

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The character can has precisely 3 hairs in its lowest part.
became Counsellor (and minister of the Song Empire from 990 to 1015),
Compensation for a lost fortune and a reward for honesty.


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