Lisboa, Sept.  4 – 9,  2006
WS 34 – Symbolism in Rock Art
SYMBOLISM IN ROCK ART : an introductory overview
Léo Dubal

 Strikingly similar Rock Art Symbols, painted or engraved,
 have been found all over the world.
a  comprehensive inventory
remains to be made.
Let us try to sketch such an inventory  
on the framework of 
three symbol classes

1.         iconical
2. artifactiform
3.         initiatic

1. Iconical symbols  

Argentina / inca cueva 4 / photo Dubal

pubic triangle

France / Chauvet Portugal  photo Dubal France/ Angles-sur-Anglin

China / Helanshan / photo Dubal 


PolydactilismArgentina /Cueva de los manos / photo Dubal

             TANIT' s hand 
Tunisia/ Carthage / tactigraphy Dubal

Sweden  / photo Dubal

…. horned head
China/ Beijing / photo Dubal

France / Grotte des 3 frères

El Toro paleolitico de Cheles 
Spain / rio Guadiana / photo Dubal

Italy / Valcamonica / tactigraphy Dubal Italy / Valcamonica  photo Dubal

Peru / Qu'elcatani /  photo Dubal
Lybia / Messak Mont Bégo  photo Dubal

…. orants
Italy / Valcamonica / photo Dubal

France / Mont Bégo  photo Dubal  Tunisia /Carthage / tactigraphy Dubal


2. artifactiform

shoe print
Norway / Lerfal / photo Dubal Italy/ Valcamonica  photo Dubal

Appolo Mission

Taly / Valcamonica tactigraphy Dubal Italy / Valcamonica photo Dubal

arrow              metallic artifacts, 
Italy / Nadro /  photo Dubal Italy / Capitello 2 pini  /  photo Dubal


 France/ Creyseilles / photo Dubal


3. "initiatic"  

 point  or  cupmark
Argentina / Rio Chulin  photo Dubal

France / La Gardette tactigraphy Dubal  Italy/ Naquane /  photo Dubal France /  Gardette tactigraphy Dubal

  yin-yang rose
Valcamonica photo Dubal Italy / Dos Sulif /  photo Dubal

China Helanshan  photo Dubal Siberia

concentric circles
Kanaka   photo Dubal

Switzerland /Carshena  photo Dubal  Cuba / Isla de la Juventud Cuba

labyrinthic womb
  Norway  / Lerfal/ tactigraphy Dubal


Valcamonica / photo Dubal

Twyfelfontein /photo Dubal

...+ crescent
Tunisia Carthage/ tactigraphies Dubal Tunisia Carthage/ tactigraphy Dubal

Tunisia Carthage/ tactigraphy Dubal

Pitiüses 2005.10.03/08:50 UT ….. naked eye observation
Spain / annular solar eclipse

Irak  Carthage/ tactigraphy Dubal Tunisia Carthage/ tactigraphiy Dubal

time variation of sexual dominance symbol

Motya and Carthage (Lancel) gold brooches Sabine capture by Romans


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